Ethically produced down of
the highest quality

Thanks to our 40 years of extensive experience of working with down, we have managed to establish a unique, sustainable chain of production with repeated and strict controls of all the suppliers and sub-contractors involved. This means that when you purchase a down product from us, we can guarantee that it contains only ethically produced down of the highest quality.
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Fjällräven Classic

Fjällräven Classic 2015

The registration for Fjällräven Classic 2015 is now closed as all tickets are reserved! We are curently going through all entries so that we can free some double registrations.On Friday 24th October we are planing to re-open the registration for all of you that had not have the chance to register already. Those of you who have sent e-mails about problems with registration, will be answered shortly. Once more we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Videos and images 

Click here to view the Fjällräven Classic video. You can also check out the #fjallravenclassic on Instagram or Twitter to see some amazing images and stories.

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Before Fjällräven Classic

Before Fjällräven Classic

Come and join us on a trek through one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the world. See all»

The trek

The trek

On this page we have gathered information that is useful for both the happy novice and the experienced arctic fox. See all»

About Fjällräven Classic

About Fjällräven Classic

Fjällräven Classic is for everyone. Young and old; people who like to speed through life as well as those who like to stroll. See all»