Ethically produced down of
the highest quality

Thanks to our 40 years of extensive experience of working with down, we have managed to establish a unique, sustainable chain of production with repeated and strict controls of all the suppliers and sub-contractors involved. This means that when you purchase a down product from us, we can guarantee that it contains only ethically produced down of the highest quality.
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Fjällräven Numbers

Durability for future generations

With the Numbers Series we have brought to life an idea about state of the art outdoor clothing. All materials and details have been carefully selected to minimize environmental impact and to ensure that the garments will withstand many long journeys into in the wilderness. Numbers garments are also constructed so that it is easy to repair and replace exposed details which may wear out before the garment does as a whole.

Numbers is a series of outdoor clothing which you can rely on in surroundings where there is no margin for error. All components have been optimised so they can withstand extremely hard treatment and use in demanding situations. Top-quality materials and tailoring mean that the garments wear well and will only look better, the more they are used.

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Inside the mind of an outdoors expert

Inside the mind of an outdoors expert

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Inside the mind of a designer

Inside the mind of a designer

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