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Fjällräven Classic

Fjällräven Classic goes global

Hiking, trekking, long-distance walking. Whatever you choose to call it, more and more people are lacing up their walking boots, loading up a backpack and hitting the trail. Trekking is no longer just for the experienced outdoor enthusiast. And that’s why, in 2017, we are expanding its popular trekking event to two new continents. Fjällräven Classic Sweden will now be joined by events in the US and Hong Kong.

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Fjällräven Classic Sweden, 11th to 18th of August 2017

The Fjällräven Classic is a 110 km long hike in one of the world’s most beautiful settings. The route takes you along the classic Kungsleden hiking trail in Swedish Lapland, from Nikkaluokta in the south to Abisko in the north. You will pass many well-known spots on your journey: the majestic Kebnekaise massif, the barren Tjäktja Pass, undulating mountain moors at Alesjaure and lush vegetation in Abisko National Park. Fjällräven Classic has made these areas a little more accessible by offering logistics, checkpoints and support along the hike.

The hike may be long and tough in places, but as long as you prepare properly, absolutely anyone can complete it successfully. Just over 2,000 people from around 30 countries take their place at the start line every year. Some of them have never even been on a mountain hike before, while others are habitual hikers and trekkers. Whatever their background, after completing the 110 km they can usually testify to the magnificent mountain experiences, camaraderie and fantastic atmosphere. That’s why we sometimes describe the Fjällräven Classic as being a celebration of hiking.

Welcome to take part in an unforgettable experience!

Videos and images

Get inspired by seeing our Fjällräven Classic video, read stories from Fjällräven Classic 2016 here. You can also check out the #fjallravenclassic on Instagram or Twitter to see some amazing images and stories.

Before Fjällräven Classic

Before Fjällräven Classic

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The Hike

The Hike

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About Fjällräven Classic

About Fjällräven Classic

Fjällräven Classic is for everyone. Young and old; people who like to speed through life as well as those who like to stroll. See all»
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