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Mandatory Personal Equipment

• Tent* or part in tent alternative waterproof sleep coverage or windsack
• Stove* and fuel*
• Sleeping mattress (minimum 5 mm thick, at least as long as your back)
• Sleeping bag (not sleeping bag cover)
• Map 
• Compass* (magnetic)
• Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag
• Hat
• Gloves
• Long sleeve top of thermal material Eg. down, fleece or wool
• Long underpants for a dry change
• Wind/waterproof  pants
• Wind/waterproof jacket with hood
• First aid kit (at least elastic bandage, blister pads, compresses and tape)*

*Equipment may be shared with another participant. At checkpoint and finish the maximum time difference allowed between participants sharing equipment is 15 minutes.

Fuel, map and trash bag is included in the registration fee and are collected at check-in


Accommodation has to be in tents during the event. The distance that is required for safety reasons between the tents and the Swedish Tourist Association’s cabins and the camping restrictions in Abisko National Park have to be respected.

Utilisation of the Swedish Tourist Association’s cabins

It is allowed to:
• Seek shelter in the cabins at an emergency situation
• Utilise the sauna at Sälka and Alesjaure
• Obtain provisions in the cabins’ shops
• Visit the restaurant in Kebnekaise and the café in Alesjaure

It is not allowed to:
• Sleep in the cabins
• Cook in the cabins
• Borrow equipment from the cabins

Boat transport

It is not allowed to utilise boat transportation during the race.


It is absolutely prohibited to litter or leave waste along the trail, at the checkpoints, at any of the mountain cabins or at wind shelters. After finish your Fjällräven Trash Bag, where you collect your waste produced during the walk,may be checked. It is advisable to burn toilet paper.


Stamps received in your Hiking Pass from all the checkpoints passed during the course of the event must be presented at the finish.

Violation of regulations

Mandatory equipment

Lack of mandatory equipment will result in a time penalty, 24 hours for each missing item. If the time difference at a checkpoint or finish is more than 15 minutes between two participants sharing tent, stove or first aid kit, it will be considered as lack of mandatory equipment, resulting in a 24 hours time penalty.

If a participant refuses to show the mandatory equipment at start, checkpoint or finish, it will be considered as lack of all mandatory equipment, resulting in a 12x24 hours time penalty.


Breach of the littering rules will result in an immediate disqualification from Fjällräven Classic and the offender will be prohibited from participation in any future Fjällräven events. Furthermore, littering will be reported to the police as it is a breach of the Swedish Environmental Code.

Other violations of the rules

The participant will not receive a Classic medal at the finish.

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