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Fjällräven Polar

With Fjällräven Polar, we want to give “ordinary” people, with ordinary jobs, the chance to discover how amazing outdoor life is in the winter, and we want to demonstrate that anyone can experience the adventure of a lifetime – as long as they have the right knowledge and equipment.

Fjällräven polar is an approximately 300km long winter adventure across the arctic tundra. The participants will steer a dog sled all the way from Signaldalen, Norway, to the forests around Jukkasjärvi, Swedish Lapland. Conditions can be grim at times, even if the weather is usually relatively stable in April north of the Arctic circle.

The Polar adventure is finished

20 participants from around the world arrived the 11th of April to the last checkpoint and the finish line in Väkkärä outside of Kiruna. Due to strong wind and large quantities of snow, major parts of the route had to be redirected to carry through with Fjällräven Polar safely. This meant a transportation of 210 dogs, 20 participants, 5 guides, film crew and additional staff in an area where the roads were closed off due to high winds and the large amounts of snow that fell in a short period of time.

Despite this we brought the participants to a subsection of the route where they, under controlled conditions, steered their own dog sled in storm winds and extremely poor visibility.

Watch the videos from the wilderness

Along the way we filmed and edited the material under simple conditions. In order to publish the videos we used a satellite modem. Check out the videos here!

The Polar guide

The Polar guide

With the right knowledge and the right equipment, anyone can experience the arctic in an enjoyable and safe way. See all»

About Polar

About Polar

Fjällräven Polar is an approximately 300km long winter adventure across the arctic tundra. See all»



The application period opens on 14 November and closes on 10 December. See all»