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Morris thinks that mountains are cool

Little adventurers also have dreams and big adventures always start with small ones. Morris Jensen, who lives in Båstad in southern Sweden, loves camping, hates ants and dreams of high mountains in Nepal.

We met nine-yearold Morris Jensen on a snowy January day outside his family’s hotel in Vallåsen, just over ten kilometres from Båstad. It is located in a beautiful, peaceful forest, not far from southern Sweden’s largest ski area. It has been cold and snowy for a while, so all the slopes are open and all the lifts are running. “Fun!” thinks Morris, who loves it when it snows. Snow means snowball fights, skiing, tobogganing and snowboarding.

“My favourite thing to do outside is snowboarding. I was going to snowboard today, but my bindings are broken so I went skiing instead," says Morris who is rosy-cheeked after his day outside.

Morris leads us through giant rhododendron bushes, where a set of summer outdoor furniture is waiting for the snow to melt and summer to come. We continue on until we reach a wind shelter where we make a fire, barbeque hotdogs and drink hot chocolate from our thermoses.

We find ourselves agreeing that spending time outside is pretty cool. “In school we are outside every day and I usually go tobogganing. I love being outside. It’s fun!” You can tell that he spends a lot of time out here. He is comfortable even in this grey, dull weather that many would find off-putting. But the wind coming off the sea is raw and biting and when the fire starts dying down we decide to go back and get out of the cold.

At the hotel, the fire is roaring and there is a special family feeling about it. Yes, family is the right word, as we soon find out. During our little chat we manage to meet not only Morris’ parents, but also his grandmother and grandfather, two of his aunts, and an uncle. It is a big, colourful and caring family, who are passionate about food, art and nature. Morris’ grandparents are keen mountain trekkers and his father Lonnie, from California, has made his hobby into a job by organising mountain bike trips for tourists and companies. It is easy to understand where Morris' uncomplicated and positive approach to outdoor life comes from. He has role models and family members all around him to go on adventures with.

“My dream is to go to Nepal,” says Morris. “There are so many mountains there. I want to go to Base Camp at Mount Everest. Then I want to go as far up as I can. Mountains are cool.”

For Morris, spending time outdoors together with others is a natural part of life, be it by the sea, on a mountain bike in Hallandsåsen’s birch forests or picking mushrooms around the family cabin in Östergötland.

In the summer there is swimming, skateboarding and sailing to keep him busy. He knows exactly what the best thing about nature is. And the worst. “Camping. I love it. It is so cosy and I don’t have to sleep by myself. But once there were ants outside our tent and I hate ants.”

Morris Jensen

Age: 9
Occupation: Third grader at Båstad Montessori Asken School
Lives in: Båstad, Sweden
Likes: Snowboarding, camping, TV games and drums.
Nature for me is: It is life and nature gives me air, water and food. Nature is alive and I hate it when they cut trees. I feel good and comfortable when I’m outdoors and nature makes me want to ride my bike.
Favourite garment: The red Kids Övik Lite Jacket because it keeps me warm, but not too warm. I love it when I ski and play. If I leave it somewhere I always miss it.

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