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Welcome to the Arctic Fox Initiative A collaboration between Fjällräven and you. There are many bright ideas out there and many exciting projects that have the potential to make a difference for the environment. But they need our commitment and collective effort to be realised. We can do a lot, but together we can do more.

Applications are open

Any non-profit organization in the world that is working to protect our environment and/or inspire more people to spend time in nature can apply. Fundraising is decided by a jury and a public voting system and based on the sales of selected Fjällräven products. For more information, read our Q&A below.
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The Project That Started It All

In 1994 we began supporting Fjällräven's namesake (Fjällräven means arctic fox in Swedish) together with a team of scientists at Stockholm University, led by Professor Anders Angerbjörn. Anders's research sheds light and — together with Fjällräven — awareness on the effects of climate change on the Scandinavian arctic fox. Thanks to funding from the EU and Fjällräven, the Swedish arctic fox population is slowly growing.
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Products that support the Arctic Fox Initiative

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A Fjällräven way to give back to nature

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Arctic Fox Initiative Projects

Leave no trace

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the outdoors by teaching people to enjoy it responsibly.
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Hej främling!

Hej främling! is a Swedish non-governmental organization offering health boosting activities free of charge and open for everyone. The organization was founded in 2013 and has developed an integration method that thousands of refugees and local citizens have taken part of throughout the years. 
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The Beach Clean Network Limited

The Beach Clean Network Limited is a UK based non-profit organisation, set up to encourage beach cleaning. It is responsible for the #2minutebeachclean, #2minutelitterpick and #2minutestreetclean initiatives.
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Questions & Answers

How do I apply?
If you have a project, please go to: career.fjallraven.com and fill in the application form. Note that you can apply all year round but the selection period is in January each year, so applications posted later than December 31st will be evaluated as part of the next annual funding cycle.

Who can apply?
Non-profit organisations that:
- Are working on campaigns to preserve and protect our environment
- Are working on initiatives that inspire more people to spend time in the - outdoors with a clear purpose of raising awareness about nature preservation.

Who cannot apply?
- Commercial organisations
- Conferences
- Political campaigns or lobby groups
- Event sponsorships or film festivals
- Funds to purchase buildings, land, vehicles or boats

When can I apply?
You can apply year around but the jury selection period is in January. So applications posted prior to 31st of December will be evaluated in January the following year.

Can I apply with several projects at once?
We allow for one application annually per organisation.

How much money can I apply for?
In your application you can indicate an amount, but in the end the total amount for each project is determined by the fund’s annual size and the voting results.

Who do I contact regarding help with my application?
If you need help with your application, please reach out to sustainability@fjallraven.se.

How many projects are selected each year?
We select between 3-5 projects per year.

How do I know if my project has been selected?
The projects that are selected will be notified in February each year.

How does the voting work?
We want to reach out and get more people involved with the projects. Therefore we organise a public voting for the selected projects each year. This is done on social media and based on the amounts of likes each project receives within the voting period. All selected projects will get funding but the voting will determine who gets the most.

When will I receive funding?
All funds are paid out in June each year.

What is expected from me if my project gets funding?
We expect the projects we fund to do the follow:
- Provide the Initiative with content information about the project and activities
- Provide update on results after execution
- Provide a financial overview of how the funds have been utilised
- Be open to co-create content for Fjällräven’s channels such as sharing pictures, stories, blog-posts, videos etc.