Developed in close collaboration with the Swedish Mountain Guides Association.

Base Layer

This is the next-to-skin-layer. It’s soft and warm, and engineered from different blends of merino wool in a unique body-map design for optimized comfort, moisture management, heat regulation and insulation. The wool is traceable and the garments are produced together with Aclima.

Insulation Layer

The garments in the insulation layer provide as much warmth as the situation requires.

We use G-Loft Supreme with its great warmth-to-weight ratio in a selection of garments made for different ranges of cold temperatures. The parka and mummyfoot can be combined and used as a sleeping bag, while the jacket is designed as a lighter insulation layer. All of them insulate even when damp.

Woman reaching into jacket pocket while hiking with backpack

Work layer

Extremely durable, yet pliant and breathable,m these garments are for long-term use in demanding mountain terrain.

They're made from G-1000 Lite Eco with taped seams for optimized freedom of movement and less friction, and they have been produced on nature's terms. Exposed areas such as the elbows and knees are reinforced with Corylon, which is also used on leg endings and the lower back to withstand abrasian from crampons and backpacks.

Shell layer

Functional all year round protection from wind, rain, sleet, or snow above the tree line. Light, stretchy, and breathable three-layer Eco-Shell fabric made using durable recycled polyester with flourocarbon-free impregnation. Highly packable and follows body movements effortlessly.

Bergtagen Collection