Don’t overfill Kånken. We have many size options, so if you want to carry more, we recommend sizing up. The standard Kånken Classic backpack has a 16-liter volume, and although we don’t have an official max weight-limit, you should keep it to just a few pounds.

Don’t put a laptop in a regular Kånken, either. That back pocket is made for folders, note pads, perhaps a tablet computer, but not a laptop. It puts too much strain on the straps and zips. Get a Kånken Laptop instead. There are three Kånken Laptop sizes to choose from, so you can find one to suit you. If you are in between laptop sizes, please size up to avoid putting strain on the item.

If you get something stuck in Kånken’s zips, avoid yanking it free. If you can’t gently work the obstruction free, the item may need to be repaired. 

If rips, tears, or cuts occur, make sure you fix them straight away. The longer you leave them, the bigger they’ll get and the harder they become to repair.


And finally, don’t leave Kånken in direct sunlight. The color will fade and develop a patina naturally over time, but direct sunlight will fade the fabric faster. Kånken prefers shade or indirect sunshine.