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Fjällräven: Forever Nature
Fjällräven began with a young nature enthusiast named Åke. In the 1950s from his home in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, a young Åke was busy innovating his own gear and making plans spending every spare moment in the forest. He often set off on week-long hikes into the heart of the northern wilderness with his self-made backpack on his back. Sometimes with friends and sometimes solo, he would wander off.
Åke’s hand-made backpack was so good that experienced foresters and reindeer herdsmen he met along the way asked him to make similar frames for them. This was the start of the Fjällräven brand. Åke then drew on all his creativity and passion to find better solutions for other types of outdoor equipment, and one innovation led to another. Today, Fjällräven’s products are worn and appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts all around the world. Today we still use the same creativity and passion to continue the path that Åke embarked upon some 60 years ago, that is to create sustainable, durable, functional and timeless outdoor equipment that inspires people to go outdoors and discover nature.
Fjallraven USA Classic Hike


What should I wear while trekking?
Before actually checking out what is inside Carl’s backpack, let’s take a moment to consider clothing. Since you will be carrying everything you bring, it’s always important to keep your packing list and clothing items to a minimum when planning a multi-day adventure while ensuring you have all the functionality you need to be comfortable and confident in nature. Carl’s advice is to use layers to ensure optimum comfort in varying conditions. His personal favorite base layer is a merino wool base layer that will feel comfortable against your skin and be able to provide the dual functionality of keeping you both warm and drying quickly when wet. As a mid-layer Carl chooses a fleece hoodie to provide thermal insulation when needed. For an outer layer he wears a sustainable waterproof shell which provides extra functionality for protection in windy or rainy conditions. Being able to add and remove layers will ensure that you can regulate your body temperature, depending on how much you are moving and the pace you set out on your trek. Additionally, Carl wears a cap to protect him from the sun.  
On the bottom, Carl wears light trekking zip-off trousers which have the added benefit of converting into shorts when needed, meaning you won’t need to carry an extra pair in your pack. On his feet he wears his well-worn leather, trekking boots which have been with him through many adventures. When it comes to trekking footwear Carl’s top tip is if your traditional, leather pair of trekking boots are broken in well and you take care of your feet you will be comfortable for the whole trek. One can always go lighter, but traditional leather trekking boots are the safest choice. And finally, to make sure your feet stay comfortable throughout the trek bring two pairs of socks, a thin liner and a thick pair of wool socks. When worn together it’s the best way to protect your feet from blisters.
Let’s put it simply: nature is everything and without it, we would be nothing. This is why at Fjällräven, we design our products to make people feel at home in nature. Additionally, we design with the intent that all product construction will last for the next generations. Our commitment is to increase the lifespan of the product with the least amount of environmental impact So, when it comes to development, experience in nature is our trusted compass. Design and innovation are paths we consider consciously and regard with absolute care.
Fjällräven is not here to conquer mountains, tame rivers or beat the weather. We are here to go slowly, to tread carefully and to cherish the visit. For us, the outdoor experience has never been a race to victory. Instead, it is an ongoing journey to create equipment and memories that last for generations to come.
Fjall US Classic


Åke absolutely loved mountainous terrain and longed to be there all the time. He longed for the birch forests and the desolate fells, the clean, fresh air and the cool streams. Sleeping in his tent, he liked to wake early in the morning and watch the arctic fox peek out of its lair. The arctic fox – this cunning and inquisitive little predator – fascinated Åke. 
The Arctic fox is one of the most ancient species on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Its ability to survive in the extreme arctic climate has inspired admiration in all those who spend time in these remote uplands. It is a creature with purpose-built to survive in desolate mountain terrain. In Sweden, an experienced walker or adventurer who traverses the great Scandinavian outdoors is known as “a true arctic fox”. A true arctic fox was what the young Åke Nordin wanted to be. That is how the name came to be, we are The Arctic Fox. We are Fjällräven.
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Carl’s Clothing List
·        Keb Eco-shell Jacket
·        Keb Fleece Hoodie
·        Abisko Midsummer jacket
·        Basecamp shoes or sandals
·        Trekking boots
·        Thin liner sock x2
·        Heavier knit wool sock x2
Carl’s Packing List
·        Cap
·        Hat
·        Bandanna
·        Working gloves
·        Sunglasses
·        Water bag
·        Headlamp
·        Towel
·        Multitool
·        Water bottle
·        Water filter
·        Primus lite+ Stove
·        Cutlery
·        Cup
·        Food
·        Tent
·        Sleeping Bag
·        Sleeping mat
·        Keb 52L Backpack
·        Waterproof bag
·        Personal hygiene items
·        First aid kit
·        Band-aids
·        Pain relievers
·        Sunscreen
·        Ear plugs
·        Hand sanitizer
·        Toilet paper
·        Small garden shovel
·        Wag bag
Fjallraven Hiking

Man and Woman walking away from camera towards lake
During these times of uncertainty, we like to share ways for you and our community to stay connected to nature anytime and anywhere to prepare, comfort and inspire.
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