Fjällräven Classic USA TV Featuring Trekker Kevin Rosenberg

With a strong sense of adventure and a passion for exploration, Kevin believes that life should be lived without ever asking yourself, “What if?” So, when it was time to choose our virtual trekker for the Fjällräven Classic USA, Kevin was an absolute fit.
Today, Kevin is the Founder and the Lead Licensed guide at International Adventure Guides in NYC where he focuses on what he loves the most, guiding people in nature.
We sat down with Kevin to ask him about his life, his adventures, his knowledge and his passion around guiding and sharing nature with people around the globe. Here is what he shared:
Fjallraven USA Classic Hike


What should I wear while trekking?
Before actually checking out what is inside Carl’s backpack, let’s take a moment to consider clothing. Since you will be carrying everything you bring, it’s always important to keep your packing list and clothing items to a minimum when planning a multi-day adventure while ensuring you have all the functionality you need to be comfortable and confident in nature. Carl’s advice is to use layers to ensure optimum comfort in varying conditions. His personal favorite base layer is a merino wool base layer that will feel comfortable against your skin and be able to provide the dual functionality of keeping you both warm and drying quickly when wet. As a mid-layer Carl chooses a fleece hoodie to provide thermal insulation when needed. For an outer layer he wears a sustainable waterproof shell which provides extra functionality for protection in windy or rainy conditions. Being able to add and remove layers will ensure that you can regulate your body temperature, depending on how much you are moving and the pace you set out on your trek. Additionally, Carl wears a cap to protect him from the sun.  
On the bottom, Carl wears light trekking zip-off trousers which have the added benefit of converting into shorts when needed, meaning you won’t need to carry an extra pair in your pack. On his feet he wears his well-worn leather, trekking boots which have been with him through many adventures. When it comes to trekking footwear Carl’s top tip is if your traditional, leather pair of trekking boots are broken in well and you take care of your feet you will be comfortable for the whole trek. One can always go lighter, but traditional leather trekking boots are the safest choice. And finally, to make sure your feet stay comfortable throughout the trek bring two pairs of socks, a thin liner and a thick pair of wool socks. When worn together it’s the best way to protect your feet from blisters.
Soho Fjällräven Guide and veteran Kevin Rosenberg is no stranger to trail life. With thousands of miles under his boots, Kevin has been hiking since 1991 and has seen landscapes all over the globe including the deserts of the Southwest, the volcanic landscapes of Iceland, the arctic tundra of Greenland, and the legendary Appalachian Trail. Kevin is special to us because he is a military trained back country trail guide, we respect and appreciate his special training and his ability to navigate on land, sea and even in the air. As a guide, Kevin hones in his safety trail skills as a Wilderness EMT and a teacher of both Wilderness First Responders and Wilderness First Aid .
Fjall US Classic

What influenced your passion for nature and the outdoors?
I have always had a strong sense of adventure, a passion for exploration and believed that life should be lived without ever asking yourself “what if?” I grew up in a pretty tough neighborhood where no one camped or hiked and boy scouts were beat up for wearing their uniforms so it took the Army to open my eyes and expand my worldview. I’ve been off and running ever since. 
What motivates you to spend so much time outdoors now?
I just feel such a strong connection to the wilderness and love being out there exploring and helping folks successfully tackle new adventures. I believe that there is a deep connection to nature within all of us and I feel incredibly fortunate that I get to make my living helping folks push themselves beyond their comfort zones while making sure they are safe and well cared for. 
Do you prefer trekking alone or in a group?
For me the answer is both. I enjoy scouting out new trips solo. My favorite adventure so far was my first trek on the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland. I didn’t see a single person for 4 days and it’s adventures like that, when you are far away from help and must rely on your experience and skills to survive and accomplish your goals, that I find incredibly rewarding and satisfying. I say both because I live to share my adventures with others. To help those with the spirit of exploration, but maybe not enough experience, enjoy a bucket list adventure that they thought was beyond their limits. 
This is a unique year for the Fjällräven Classic USA. Why take part?
Hiking the Classic this year is definitely unique but as a professional guide I feel that I am uniquely suited for the adventure. I make my living showing people ‘the way’ and this is exactly what I’ll be doing on this trek. Through the lens of a camera strapped to my chest I feel as if I’m guiding the world on the highest altitude version of the Fjällräven Classic. Plus you’ll never have to twist my arm to convince me to head off into the mountains for a new adventure. 
What are you looking forward to most on this trek?
I’m looking forward to trekking in a new area and trying out some new gear. I’m particularly excited about the Abisko View 2 Tent. It has a unique design that is roomy and easy to set up and as a bit of a ‘hippie warrior’ I love that the color is ‘UN Blue’. 
Route on map

Carl’s Clothing List
·        Keb Eco-shell Jacket
·        Keb Fleece Hoodie
·        Abisko Midsummer jacket
·        Basecamp shoes or sandals
·        Trekking boots
·        Thin liner sock x2
·        Heavier knit wool sock x2
Carl’s Packing List
·        Cap
·        Hat
·        Bandanna
·        Working gloves
·        Sunglasses
·        Water bag
·        Headlamp
·        Towel
·        Multitool
·        Water bottle
·        Water filter
·        Primus lite+ Stove
·        Cutlery
·        Cup
·        Food
·        Tent
·        Sleeping Bag
·        Sleeping mat
·        Keb 52L Backpack
·        Waterproof bag
·        Personal hygiene items
·        First aid kit
·        Band-aids
·        Pain relievers
·        Sunscreen
·        Ear plugs
·        Hand sanitizer
·        Toilet paper
·        Small garden shovel
·        Wag bag

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