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Fjällräven's Guide program partners with people in our community who embody the values of our brand – have a passion for nature, a deep regard for sustainability, and respect for humans, animals and our environment.
Each one of our guides hold different backgrounds and experiences and cherish sharing knowledge and passions with others through events, education and exchange of stories.
"Inspiring the world to walk with nature” is more than our mission- it’s an invitation to get closer to nature by joining our guides in our brand centers and communities as they teach us how to connect with nature in our own unique way.
In his own words, please meet our Fjällräven Chicago Guide, Abie Vasquez.

As a city dweller all my life, nature holds a deep and unique importance to me. Growing up on the streets of Chicago there was a lack in the traditional sense of nature - with an absence of trees and grass and very few wild animals to be seen. I longed to experience the wide open spaces of the great outdoors. Yes, Chicago offers pretty magical views of cityscapes, yet I found myself interested in other landscapes and highly curious about the mystery of nature in general.
In my youth, I was the "wild" one. Waking early with the sun and fueled with curiosity, I would venture out to the local city parks and forest preserves where I would roam and explore. It was in these adventures where I found peace in the noisy and often chaotic environment of Chicago. 
Today, I own AlphaBomber Productions, a large-scale mural and art production company. A big part of my focus as an artist and nature lover is on beautifying and bringing nature to Chicago's south side neighborhoods that I grew up in. Our mission is to provide spaces and inspiration to the community where the mystery and acceptance of nature can be experienced.
Nicole Snell Landscape Photo

Beyond leaving behind a piece of art for the neighborhood to enjoy, we always leave the area looking better than it did before, pulling weeds or planting trees and flowers when possible. I know how sacred a green space can be, that small bit of nature in these areas can change people’s lives. I have seen and personally experienced the impact it has in the city. My mission as an artist in Chicago is to share nature with my community whenever and as much as possible.”

This is a unique year for the Fjällräven Classic. Why take part?
It’s an honor to keep the Fjallraven Classic tradition alive and to continue to spread Fjällräven’s mission of inspiring people to get out in nature in a sustainable way and to especially be with nature during this historical time, even if it’s virtually. I'll do whatever I can to help others experience the spirit that lies within ourselves, just as being outside on the trail does.
What are you looking forward to most on this trek
I’ve never been on this trail before, I'm excited to see what's around the bend, crossing mountain streams, seeing the seasons change & spending time with my team. I also prepared for and recognize there will be challenges ahead, being in nature in a smaller group then past Fjallraven Classics. I might not be talking much or sharing the sights with friends, instead, this will be a time to re-connect with nature during a very unique point in our lives. I’m looking forward to what messages nature will give me and to those watching on TV.
Man and Woman walking away from camera towards lake
During these times of uncertainty, we like to share ways for you and our community to stay connected to nature anytime and anywhere to prepare, comfort and inspire.
Nature Is Waiting