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  1. High Coast Fall Trousers W

    High Coast Fall Trousers W

    Hardwearing outdoor trousers with a simple, clean design.
  2. Keb Eco-Shell Trousers W

    Keb Eco-Shell Trousers W

    Technical three-layer shell trousers in Eco-Shell. A comfortable, performance fit, long wa...
  3. Bergtagen Trousers W

    Bergtagen Trousers W

    Technical outdoor trousers for advanced activities above the treeline.
  4. High Coast Trousers W

    High Coast Trousers W

    Light, well-ventilated trousers for trekking in warm conditions. Made from G-1000 Lite wit...
  5. Bergtagen Eco-Shell Trousers W

    Bergtagen Eco-Shell Trousers W

    Waterproof three-layer shell trousers for advanced activities in mountainous terrain.
  6. Vidda Pro Trousers W Regular

    Vidda Pro Trousers W Regular

    Durable G-1000® trekking trousers with regular waist (mid waist) and regular fit. Reinforc...
  7. Keb Touring Trousers W

    Keb Touring Trousers W

    Light, packable insulation trousers with synthetic padding.
  8. Vidda Pro Trousers W Short

    Vidda Pro Trousers W Short

    Durable trekking trousers with a mid waist and Regular Fit in G-1000. Reinforcements over ...
  9. Karla Pro Trousers

    Karla Pro Trousers

    Durable outdoor trousers with regular fit in brushed G-1000 Silent. Engineered cut that gi...
  10. Karla Pro Trousers Curved

    Karla Pro Trousers Curved

    Durable outdoor trousers with Curved Fit in brushed G-1000 Silent. Engineered cut with pre...
  11. Abisko Eco-Shell Trousers W

    Abisko Eco-Shell Trousers W

    Lightweight and packable 2.5-layer shell trousers with excellent weather protection and ve...
  12. Brenner Pro Trousers W

    Brenner Pro Trousers W

    Robust hunting trousers in G-1000 Silent Eco with waterproof Hydratic liner. Well-worked-t...