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Trousers & shorts

Trousers & shorts

Of all the clothing that fills an outdoor wear wardrobe, it is usually the outdoor trousers that have the most stories to tell. Ripped knees and worn and shiny buttons bear witness to extended adventures along hiking routes in the mountains and forests.

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  1. High Coast Fall Trousers

    High Coast Fall Trousers

    Hardwearing outdoor trousers with a simple, clean design.
  2. Bergtagen Trousers

    Bergtagen Trousers

    Technical outdoor trousers for advanced activities above the treeline.
  3. Bergtagen Eco-Shell Trousers

    Bergtagen Eco-Shell Trousers

    Waterproof three-layer shell trousers for advanced activities in mountainous terrain.
  4. Lappland Pyrsch Trousers

    Lappland Pyrsch Trousers

    Hunting trousers in a robust, silent material with knitted exterior.
  5. Sambava Shade Shorts

    Sambava Shade Shorts

    Travel shorts in lightweight, airy G-1000 Air. Practical when travelling in warm climates.
  6. Travellers Zip-Off Trousers

    Travellers Zip-Off Trousers

    Lightweight, airy zip-off trousers in G-1000 Air. Flexible when travelling or on adventure...
  7. Travellers Trousers

    Travellers Trousers

    Lightweight, airy trousers for travelling in warm climates. Made from well-ventilated G-10...
  8. Travellers Shorts

    Travellers Shorts

    Light and comfortable travel shorts in highly ventilating G-1000 Air. Knee-length model wi...
  9. Sipora Shade Trousers

    Sipora Shade Trousers

    Comfortable travelling trousers in well-ventilated G-1000 Air. Flexible when travelling wi...