Using up surplus wool
 Blended for extra strength
 Temperature regulating

Although we try to minimise waste and spill material, we can’t avoid it entirely. But with Re-Wool we’re using surplus wool to make brand new products. Using traditional Italian craftsmanship, the recycled wool is colour-sorted, shredded then blended with other colours to get a unique nuance. Finally, we mix the yarn with polyester or polyamide for extra strength. This process not only minimises waste. It also means less virgin wool is required to make our wool sweaters and shirts.

Using leftover wool sounds like a no brainer. But it wasn’t as simple as it sounds. Read the full story about Re-Wool on our blog, the Foxtrail.

Closeup of rough wool

Care & Repair

Wool is naturally hardwearing and odour resistant, but it does require some extra care to ensure it lasts a lifetime. You can find out how to take care of your wool garments in our care guide.

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