Warming even when damp
Odour and dirt resistant

Coming up with new ways of reducing our environmental footprint is always a high priority at Fjällräven, and our Recovered Wool is a good example. It is a by-product of the meat industry that is collected from Swedish sheep farms, mainly on the island of Gotland, where the yearly shearing of sheep creates approximately 100 tons of wool. Until recently, that wool has been regarded as waste, since it doesn't have the same fine fibres as the wool from wool-producing farms. Although it is coarser, it still has the same properties that make wool such a great material - temperature regulating, durable, breathable and odour resistant - and suits our purposes perfectly.

Today, we've put recovered wool to good use in a unique wool padding that you'll find in various Fjällräven jackets and parkas. We also use it to create the innovative backplate for the award-winning Lappland Hike 15 backpack. As you can guess, you'll be hearing about more Recovered Wool products in the near future.