What kind of organisations are eligible for the Arctic Fox Initiative?

Any non-profit organisations can apply that are working on campaigns to preserve and protect the environment, or initiatives that inspire people to spend time in the outdoors with a clear purpose of raising awareness about nature preservation.
Organisations, entities, and people not eligible for Arctic Fox Initiative include commercial organisations, conferences and tradeshows, political campaigns and lobby groups, events and film festivals, and / or funds to purchase buildings, land, vehicles, or boats.

When should organisations apply? 
Anytime! The annual selection period is in June each year. Applications posted later than May 31st will simply be evaluated in the next annual funding cycle.

Email yours to arcticfoxinitiative@fjallraven.se.

What should applications include?
  1. A description of the organisation, including background, purpose, and organisational structure.
  2. A project outline that describes clear objectives and action plans for utilising Arctic Fox Initiative funds in the coming year. Including how results are measured and reported.
  3. A budget proposal with the preferred application amount.
  4. Contact information for the organisation, including contact persons and any social media channels that can be reviewed during the application process.
Contact arcticfoxinitiative@fjallraven.se if you have any questions.

Can one application contain several projects?
We allow for one project per application annually.

When does Arctic Fox Initiative inform and announce recipients?
The projects selected are notified in June each year.

When do Arctic Fox Initiative recipients receive funding? Does the Arctic Fox Initiative have any requirements that recipients must fulfil?
Funds are paid out in July and August each year. The total amount for each recipient is determined by the fund’s annual size.
The Arctic Fox Initiative has a few expectations from organisations that receive funds. We request that they provide information about their project and activities, updates on results after execution, and a financial overview of how funds are used. We also request that they be open to co-create content for Fjällräven channels. Including sharing images, blog posts, videos, stories, etc.