Kånken Me

Classic Kånken in hard-wearing Vinylon F, but you decide which colours go on which parts. ...

149,95 €

Skule 28

Versatile and hardwearing backpack, perfect for light hikes and everyday trips. Produced w...

99,95 €

High Coast Hip Pack

Light hip pack made from recycled polyamide, perfect for daytrips and travelling. Produced...

59,95 €

Kånken No. 2 Laptop 15

The laptop version of Kånken No. 2. Made of G-1000 HeavyDuty with a padded computer compar...

174,95 €

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High Coast Crossbody

A lightweight and ultra-functional crossbody bag, perfect for travelling or for a quick da...

69,95 €

S/F Cave Lid Pack

Versatile top lid for the Cool Cave pannier. Provides extra storage space and protects con...

69,95 €
34,98 €