Black friday?

It might not sound as catchy, but when you look at the example above, a Greenland Jacket purchased over 30 years ago and still going strong, it just makes more sense. It also makes more sense from a sustainable perspective; the longer you can use your gear, the less you need to replace it.

Here at Fjällräven we only know how to create clothes and equipment that last and last, so if you’re looking to make your own long term investment, this is the right place. And maybe today is the right day. Welcome.
Products that last have stories to tell

Grandma’s Jacket

Timeless design passed on to the next generation

Christiane Dolva is Head of Sustainability at Fjällräven and inherited her grandmother’s Räven Jacket from 1982. As you can guess, that jacket has become a constant showpiece in Christiane’s regular talks about sustainability and the importance of timeless design.
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My Anorak from 1982

Quality that lasts

This is the story of Lars-Erik and his treasured Fjällräven Anorak from 1982. Still being used on all his skiing trips. “It’s a smart-looking colour and it never goes out of fashion. I’ve worn the Anorak consistently since the 80’s and there is nothing I would change”.
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Coveralls across generations

From 1973 and onwards

Fjällräven user Yvonne contacted us with a heartwarming story about connecting people across both generations and continents with a couple of coveralls from Fjällräven.
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Care & Repair for years of wear

Treat your gear with some care and they’ll last longer. Here are some great tips.
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Long term investments Clothing and equipment made to last