Barents Pro Hydratic Trs M

Durable, waterproof trousers for outdoor life and hunting in cold conditions.

279,95 €

Forest Hybrid Trousers W

Lightweight, durable trousers with optimised fit for active hunting.

249,95 €

Forest Wool Padded Vest W

Versatile and hardwearing hunting vest with sustainable wool padding.

219,95 €

Forest Hybrid Jacket W

Durable, weather-resistant hunting jacket with excellent freedom of movement.

299,95 €

Forest Hybrid Jacket M

Simple, weather resistant and durable jacket for active hunting.

299,95 €

Högvilt Jacket W

Warm, weather-resistant hunting jacket with synthetic insulation.

499,95 €

Brenner Pro Winter Trousers M

Warm, water-resistant hunting trousers made from G-1000 Silent Eco with Hydratic. Pre-shap...

279,95 €

Barents Pro Hunting Trousers M

Durable, weather-resistant trousers in G-1000 Silent Eco for hunting and forest life.

199,95 €

Lappland Hybrid Trousers M

Lightweight, durable trousers for active hunting in stretch fabric and G-1000 Silent Eco. ...

239,95 €

Grimsey Vest M

Roomy vest with soft feel. Elastic sides for increased mobility and flexibility. Lined wit...

169,95 €

Sörmland Tapered Trousers M Long

Comfortable hunting trousers in hardwearing, quiet G-1000 Silent Eco with tapered legs. Kn...

149,95 €

Koster Sweater M

Lambswool sweater with G-1000® reinforcements on the shoulders.

189,95 €

Värmland Vest

Light, versatile hunting vest with camouflage print.

99,95 €

Lappland Hybrid Jacket M

Lightweight, durable jacket for active hunting in stretch fabric and G-1000 Silent Eco. De...

349,95 €

Safety Cap

Intensive orange cap for safe hunting. Adjustable at the back.

44,95 €

Sörmland V-neck Sweater W

Light, soft V-neck sweater in fine Merino wool. Raglan sleeves with ribbed sleeve cuffs an...

159,95 €

Sörmland Padded Jacket M

Waterproof jacket in G-1000 Silent Eco, lightly padded with warm synthetic insulation. Sim...

399,95 €

Lappland Camo Cap

Comfortable cap in G-1000 Silent Eco, perfect for hunting and life in the wilderness.

44,95 €