Kånken – world famous for its iconic design and its uncompromising functionality since 1978 – is making history again. An innovative collaboration with two Swedish artists has created something extraordinary: Kånken Art. Every backpack is an expression of creativity. And every backpack gives back to nature through the Arctic Fox Initiative. A special edition, to celebrate the inspiring diversity that is present in both nature and us humans.


Erik Olovsson works within the fields of product, furniture and graphic design. He runs his own studio in Stockholm, aiming to have an intuitive and experimental starting point for his projects. His piece is striking for its strong graphical and colourful portrayal of a landscape at sunset.


“Fable” by Cecilia Heikkilä is influenced predominantly by Nordic nature. And seeing as she divides her time between Dalarna and southern Sweden, where dark, dense forests are filled with mysticism, this is no surprise. Cecilia – Issie as she is known to her friends – is inspired by nature and animals and they are common features in her illustrated children’s books.
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