Expedition Lätt Hoodie M

Lightweight reinforcement jacket with synthetic insulation for winter activities.

249,95 €

Expedition Pack Down Hoodie M

Lightweight, flexible, hooded down jacket for winter activities.

349,95 €

Expedition Pack Down Jacket M

Lightweight, flexible and packable down jacket for winter activities.

329,95 €

Expedition Mid Winter Jacket M

Versatile winter jacket with synthetic padding for active outdoor life.

429,95 €

Expedition Down Lite Jacket M

Light version of the classic down jacket for mild winter weather.

599,95 €

Expedition Down Jacket M

Well-insulated iconic down jacket from 1974.

799,95 €

Singi Down Jacket M

Warm and durable down jacket for winter’s really cold days.

649,95 €

Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket M

Classic Fjällräven model with down padding for everyday outings in the colder months. Prod...

529,95 €

Down Jacket No. 16 M

Reversible down jacket in G-1000 and polyamide. Perfect as a reinforcement garment. Severa...

799,95 €

Keb Touring Down Jacket M

Light, pliant down jacket for extra warmth on winter treks.

479,95 €

Expedition Down Lite Vest M

Down vest in classic Fjällräven style, a robust reinforcement garment for cold days.

349,95 €

Polar Expedition Parka M

Very warm parka made for extreme winter conditions. 700-fill down baffles with exterior ma...

1 199,95 €

Greenland Down Liner Vest M

Light, versatile down vest for extra warmth under a shell jacket in cold weather. Produced...

229,95 €

Fjällräven Polar Parka M

Durable down anorak with fixed hood for extreme winter temperatures. G-1000® reinforcement...

799,95 €

Keb Expedition Down Jacket M

Technical, well-insulated down jacket for challenging winter conditions.

799,95 €