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MT, Micro Travel

Cool, quick-drying and wrinkle-free

Micro Travel (MT) is a fabric we have developed in-house for activities in warmer climates. It combines the lightweight, durable durable micro polyamide fiber with cool, combed cotton. What makes MT so popular is that it keeps you fresh thanks to its extreme breathability - which in turn guarantees that your garments will be dry and you will be cool and comfortable. Unnecessary weight should be avoided at all costs when travelling, which is why MT is made to weigh as little as possible. It is also more or less wrinkle-free.

Our MT garments also have a number of smart pocket solutions and functions that will make things easier for you while on your adventure.

MT's main features:

Quick-drying: MT products are extremely breathable, which guarantees that they will stay dry and keep you cool. Clothes made from MT dry approximately three times faster than comparable cotton products.

Lightweight and wrinkle-free: MT weighs practically nothing and is almost wrinkle-free. This means that MT garments are ideal for travelling and adventures in warm climates.

UV protection: MT is a protective fabric that blocks almost all UV radiation, including both alpha and beta rays. MT offers twice the protection of cotton.

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