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Curved Fit

The most comfortable outdoor trousers fit like a second skin and follow movements without you really having to think about them. However, all bodies are different and women come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is why we have created a new fit for our women’s trousers.

Designed for women

Curved Fit has a more accentuated waist and a little extra width over the rear and thighs than other trouser cuts. The fit has been specifically designed for women and gives a more comfortable pair of trousers that sit better on certain figures, without being tight over the thighs or having a gap at the back of the waist.

Curved Fit complements our traditional fits Regular and Comfort. A selection of our trouser models for women are now available in two versions – like trekking trousers Nikka Trousers W with regular fit and Nikka Trousers Curved W with Curved Fit. So now you can enjoy true freedom of movement in a new, curvy format.

Nikka Trousers

Regular fit

Nikka Trousers Curved

Curved fit

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  1. Övik Trousers Curved W

    Övik Trousers Curved W

    Comfortable, hardwearing everyday trousers with Curved Fit cut for curvy figures. Made fro...
  2. Nikka Trousers Curved

    Nikka Trousers Curved

    Technical trekking trousers with Curved Fit for curvy figures. Stretch fabric and durable ...
  3. Keb Trousers W Curved

    Keb Trousers W Curved

    State-of-the-art hiking trousers with Curved Fit in stretch fabric and hard-wearing G-1000...
  4. Karla Pro Trousers Curved

    Karla Pro Trousers Curved

    Durable outdoor trousers with Curved Fit in brushed G-1000 Silent. Engineered cut with pre...
  5. Barents Pro Trousers Curved W

    Barents Pro Trousers Curved W

    Hardwearing trekking trousers with Curved Fit in G-1000. Reinforced with double layers of ...
  6. Nikka Shorts Curved

    Nikka Shorts Curved

    High-performance trekking shorts with Curved Fit made from stretch fabric and G-1000. Opti...
  7. Vidda Pro Trousers Curved W

    Vidda Pro Trousers Curved W

    Durable trekking trousers with Curved Fit in G-1000. Reinforcements over the rear and knee...
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