Closeup of fabric repelling water

Our Materials

Created on nature’s terms

Nature is our constant source of inspiration here at Fjällräven. And this extends to our material choice. Whenever possible we source materials directly from the environment around us. Materials like wool, cotton, and down. Failing this, we draw on ideas from nature to create synthetic materials to provide a specific solution to a unique challenge. Many of our materials are developed in-house, others with some of the best suppliers in the industry.

At Fjällräven, it’s not just about creating products that live up to your expectations; it’s also about developing materials that stand up to the rigors of the trail, while keeping our impact on the environment as small as possible. You can learn about how we work with sustainable materials here

Core Materials

The foundations Fjällräven is built on

Supporting materials

The everyday heroes

Waterproof functionality that transports moisture away.

Closeup of Vinylon material
Vinylon F

Tough and durable – perfect for backpacks

Hands holding synthetic insulation
Supreme Microloft

Long-lasting and light synthetic insulation

Scissors cutting insulated product open showing filling
G-Loft Supreme

Synthetic insulation that offers warmth in damp conditions


Plant based fabric that is comfortable, airy and durable.

Closeup of tencell fabric

Soft, tactile and with outstanding water-absorbing properties


Our new extra durable fabric

Closeup of product stitching
HC lite

Lightweight and sustainable wind resistance

Closeup of pant leg zipper

Our unique reinforcement fabric made from recycled materials

Closeup of fabric showing stitched swedish flag
Organic cotton

No toxic chemicals and only natural pesticides

Closeup of polyester fabric
Recycled Polyester

Saving energy and reducing waste