Durable 400D Nylon
 Unique flat rip stop

Bergshell is a completely new fabric from Fjällräven which is extremely durable and completely waterproof (10 000mm white TPU laminate). At the same time, of course, it holds the high environmental standards that Fjällräven has, with 31% recycled nylon (from post-production) and a yarn process that halves the CO2 footprint.

Creating a material with the highest possible abrasion resistance and also the highest possible tear strength in 100% nylon is not easy because it requires two completely different types of yarns.


Ordinary filament yarn
An ordinary filament yarn has a smooth surface, creating a fabric with high tear strength but lower abrasion resistance.

Air textured yarn
Air textured yarn has a fuzzy surface, creating a fabric with high abrasion resistance but lower tear strength. (from post-production) and PFC-free impregnation.

In Bergshell we combine filament yarn and air textured yarn creating a fabric that has both high abrasion strength and high tear strength.


Ordinary ripstop
When the surface is exposed to abrasion these rips will get hit first, making a vital part of the fabric more exposed to the abrasion.

Bergshell flat ripstop
With the Bergshell flat ripstop, the fabric is woven with threads of the same thickness, spreading out the abrasion over the whole surface.

A balanced weave
Unlike most of the fabrics on the market, Bergshell is a fully balanced weave which makes the fabric equally strong in all directions.

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