A well-worn jacket is ingrained with memories. It’s also better for the environment. We design our garments and hardware to last – and with your care – for a lifetime, perhaps even longer. We create them to be easy to repair; we use materials that are tough and durable; and we design styles that don’t go out of fashion. 

We research; we sketch; we create samples; we test; we iterate and adjust; we test some more. Our design process isn’t short. But we don’t like to make compromises on quality and utility. We don’t look for quick fixes. We ensure our products are the best they can be, both in terms of materials that last and have a low environmental impact, and also by creating classic styles with truly helpful functions that you’ll want to continue wearing, adventure after adventure.

Our Sustainable Design Philosophy

When we boil our design philosophy down, we have seven guiding principles. They provide the map to help us navigate along a winding, undulating path filled with exciting and new techniques, materials and suppliers. They keep us grounded, and help us overcome challenging obstacles.

1. Design with you in mind

What you’re going to be doing with our products guides our designs. Whether long-distance trekking, mountaineering or daily urban use, we look for material and style solutions that deliver what you need and expect.

2. Function and ease of use

There’s a reason we put that pocket there and shape that jacket just so. We design for different activities and environments.

3. Simplicity

Production efficiency, recyclability and style longevity all result from simple designs. So we avoid unnecessary complexity.

4. Low material impact

Why use a raw material when a recycled one is available and offers the same quality? Can the cut and fit be adapted to reduce waste? The type and amount of a material is a key consideration in our designs.

5. Material longevity and efficiency

Our products should last. It’s a simple as that. On areas that will be exposed to extra wear, our designers must look for ways to make them easily reparable.

6. Emotional longevity

It’s not enough to ensure our materials last a long time. If a product looks dated in two seasons’ time you won’t want to wear it. So we design with timelessness in mind. We always strive to make products that become your best trekking buddies, creating relationships that grow over time.

7. Recyclability

Although in its infancy now, we hope garment recycling will become more widespread. So we try to use just one or two materials in each product for easier future recycling.

8. Why change a good thing

If something works and can’t be improved upon, we keep it just the way it is.

9. Tried and Tested

All our products go through rigorous testing, revising and re-testing. Nothing makes it to market without long hours in the field.