Singi X-Trousers M

Hardwearing and comfortable G-1000 trekking trousers. Produced without PFAS.


Singi X-Trousers W

Fjällräven G-1000 trousers with a new design. Made from G-1000 Stretch Eco with extra stre...


Singi X-Anorak W

A lightweight, wind-resistant anorak made of a high-density cotton weave that is water-rep...


Singi X-Anorak M

Lightweight, wind resistant anorak perfect for winter activities in the mountains. Produce...


Singi X-Gaiters

Robust gaiters that will protect your legs and keep your boots free from debris and snow. ...


Singi X-Balaclava

Midweight knitted balaclava made from traceable merino wool. Produced without PFAS.


Singi X-Cap

A warm cap perfect for trekking in cold and windy conditions. Produced without PFAS.