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Useful tips and equipment

Whether you're trekking through the high meadows over Searle's Pass in Colorado or hiking through the mighty valley of Tarfala in northern Sweden, your clothing and equipment should be the last thing on your mind. They are there to support your experience, not define it – that is ultimately nature's job. Explore this page for some useful insights and product tips.

What to wear



What to pack for a three day hike

Spending three days in nature is a joy. Especially if you take the time to prepare and pack with foresight. In this video, experienced trekker and Fjällräven Event Manager Calle shares what he brings for a multi-day trek.

How to choose a shell layer

Shell layers are so much more than rain jackets. They can be ponchos and pants, and can also protect against wind and sun. Which shell layer is right for you? Outdoor experts Sofia and Calle chat about different types and constructions.

How to choose a mid layer

What are mid layers anyway? In this video, outdoor experts Sofia and Calle explain what mid layers are for and when to wear them. They will get you thinking about how you can incorporate them into your next fall trek.

the right backpack for you

Backpacks for short hikes