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Whether you're trekking through the high meadows over Searle's Pass in Colorado or hiking through the mighty valley of Tarfala in northern Sweden, your clothing and equipment should be the last thing on your mind. They are there to support your experience, not define it – that is ultimately nature's job. Explore this page for expert insights and product tips.


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What to wear

Durable and versatile, explore clothing that will keep you comfortable and protected during warm days and cool nights.

What to pack for a three day hike

Spending three days in nature is a joy. Especially if you take the time to prepare and pack with foresight. In this video, experienced trekker and Fjällräven Event Manager Calle shares what he brings for a multi-day trek.

How to choose a shell layer

Shell layers are so much more than rain jackets. They can be ponchos and pants, and can also protect against wind and sun. Which shell layer is right for you? Outdoor experts Sofia and Calle chat about different types and constructions.

How to choose a mid layer

What are mid layers anyway? In this video, outdoor experts Sofia and Calle explain what mid layers are for and when to wear them. They will get you thinking about how you can incorporate them into your next fall trek.

How to pick a backpack

A successful trek is a well-planned trek. Create a list and use the right backpack for the duration and type of your trek.

How to choose a backpack

A backpack is a necessary companion on any trek, but which is right for you? There are a number of factors to consider. Fjällräven ambassador and YouTuber Ted Weirum shares his insights while testing backpacks for trekking.

How to pack a backpack

Packing a backpack is not difficult but putting some thought into it will make a multi-day trek much more pleasant. In this video, outdoor experts Sofia and Calle show you how they pack their own backpacks.
Backpacks for short hikes
Backpacks for long treks

How to sleep outdoors

With some knowledge, a little practice and the right gear, sleeping in nature is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

How to have the best night in a tent

The golden rules of sound sleep outside are flat surface, warm body and no moisture. Here, outdoor experts Sofia and Calle share their top tips about what you can do to make a night in a tent as comfortable as possible.

How to pitch a tunnel tent

When pitched and aligned correctly, tunnel tents are extremely wind resistant. They are not however, self-supporting and need to be secured to the ground. In this video, experienced trekker and Fjällräven Event Manager Calle demonstrates how he pitches his tunnel tent.
Selected tents
Selected sleeping bags