Women's trousers

It’s a Lifelong Relationship. Choose Wisely

The right trousers make all the difference

Is there a perfect pair of trousers for you? We're convinced there is. And by taking the time to think through your needs and preferences, chances are you'll find them here. Are you going trekking or just outdoors in general? In what kind of weather? What functions do you prefer? If you're looking for advise, our designer's have made some suggestions below.






Trousers developed for short or long hikes and treks. Functional, durable, comfortable and timeless.

Trousers developed for general outdoor use. Less technical than trekking trousers but still durable and timeless.

Versatile trousers developed for the often demanding conditions above thetree line.

Details and comfort matter when focus is paramount. These trousers are weatherproof, silent and hardwearing for a variety of conditions.


Wind and waterproof

Trousers designed for wet weather functionality using PFC-free impregnation.
Extra hardwearing

Trousers made from materials with high abrasion resistance and long term durability to stand up to the rigors of any trail.

Trousers for extra freedom of movement and comfort. Often a hybrid combination of materials for optimal functionality.


Warm/hot climate

Trousers that are light and ventilated for optimal comfort in warm/hot conditions.
Varying climate

Trousers for changeable conditions: where sometimes it’s warm and dry; sometimes it’s cool and damp.