Quick drying
 Highly compressible
 Easy to wash

In most cases we choose natural materials over human-made versions. But when you need warmth in cold, damp conditions then synthetic insulation is your best bet.

Developed for Fjällräven by insulation experts at Goldeck Textil in Austria, G-Loft®Supreme is made from a blend of thin, hollow polyester fibres – 10% of which are recycled – which have a natural, cluster-forming ability that creates small pockets of air, just like down feathers. And it’s these pockets that insulate from the cold by maintaining your own body heat. 

What’s really special about G-Loft Supreme® is its ability to regain its original form after it’s been compressed. This ‘memory effect’ is due to the fibres of recycled polyester. They’re more rigid than their virgin counterparts, giving the material its springiness. And this ability continues after repeated washes and long-term use.

Large amount of jacket insulation material

Care & Repair

G-Loft Supreme

Unlike down, G-Loft® Supreme is easy to clean and take care of. To get the most from your garments and gear check out our care guide.

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