icon_stretch-11332-1.png Smooth and soft
icon_water_resistant.png Pre-waxed for wind- and water-resistance
icon_mosquito_safe.png Mosquito proof

As the name suggests, this version of G-1000 is designed to make less noise when you’re moving around. The G-1000 is brushed, meaning it’s smooth and soft to the touch and quieter than other versions of G-1000, making it well suited to hunting. Aside from that, it offers the same tried and trusted properties of G-1000 Original and comes pre-waxed for wind- and water-resistance.

As part of our commitment to using more recycled and organic materials, we now have Eco versions – made from recycled polyester and organic cotton – of all our G-1000 fabrics. Find out about how we work with sustainable materials here.

Wax product on fabric

Care & Repair

Made from a mixture of beeswax and paraffin, Greenland Wax is a simple, nature-inspired solution to the challenges faced in the outdoors. Most of our G-1000 materials come pre-waxed, but it’s still a good idea to know how to re-apply and remove the wax to adapt your jacket to the conditions. 

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