Soct, tactile and comfortable organic cotton Soft, tactile & comfortable
Moisture-binding properties Moisture-binding properties
Organic, natural organic cotton Natural material

Cotton is an incredibly versatile natural material that’s been used to make clothes for thousands of years. It’s soft and comfortable, perfect for t-shirts and easy-going activities.

At Fjällräven, we’ve always used long-fibre cotton of the highest quality. But cotton is a resource-intensive material. Under normal conditions, it requires lots of water, pesticides and fertilisers. This has negative effects on local biodiversity and the surrounding ecosystem. It even has knock-on effects on nearby communities.

So we’ve decided to phase out regular cotton and switch to organic cotton instead. The high-quality organic fibre is grown with less water (than regular cotton) and without the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers.

Our organic cotton producers are independently verified for their techniques and materials. Their methods support biodiversity and work towards improving soil quality. Read our EnvironmentalStandards promise here.

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Care & Repair

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is easy to take care of. But there are things you can do to extend the lifetime of your clothing. Find out more in our care guide.

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