Warm when damp
 Easy to clean

Our own synthetic insulation, Supreme Microloft, was developed to offer warmth even in damp conditions. It’s similar to our other synthetic insulation material, G-Loft Supreme®, in that it mimics natural down feathers in trapping air, and it’s this trapped air that helps to keep you warm. 

Although not as compressible as down, and, weight for weight, more padding is needed to provide the same warmth, Supreme Microloft can withstand more moisture without losing its insulating ability. It’s also much easier to clean and is more durable than down. It retains its lofty, airiness even after long-term use.

We commonly use a special version, Supreme Microloft SB, in our sleeping bags. Its combination of very fine denier solid and hollow fibres means it recovers well after compression. 

If stretchiness is important, we use Supreme Microloft Keyfeatures. It completely recovers its original shape after tough use, time and again.

Need help deciding between natural and synthetic insulation? Check out this quick guide on our Foxtrail blog.

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Care & Repair

Supreme Microloft

Unlike down, Supreme Microloft is easy to clean and take care of. To get the most from your garments and gear check out our care guide.

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