Product features
  • 10 v-shaped tent pegs in extremely strong and light aluminium.
  • Use-friendly design with rounded edges.
  • Dyneema cord loop at the top.
  • 160 mm long.
Product description
Ten V-shaped tent pegs in extremely strong and light aluminium. User-friendly design with rounded edges for easier handling. The tent pegs have a narrow “waist” that holds guy lines in place when the pegs are used as horizontal anchors in loose earth or sand. A Dyneema cord loop at the top of each peg makes them easier to pull out of the ground. Length 160 mm. Weight: 11 grams each.
Product specifications

Activities: Trekking
Family: Abisko
Gender: Unisex
Length: 160 mm
Material: 100% aluminium
Size Range: 1 Size
Weight: 130 g
Weight Reference: : 12g/pcs

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Abisko Family

Lightweight Trekking

Surrounded by the national park and beautiful mountains, Abisko is perfect as a point of departure for day hikes. It was with these kinds of adventures in mind that we developed the Abisko product family.