Product Families


Say hello to the Fjällräven families. These highly functional product series are created for active lives - from sea level all the way to the mountains.

Our product families are developed for different types of activity, terrain, and climate, and they let people enjoy and explore nature in its most shifting forms.

They make our product range easier to navigate, and also make it easier to find related products and equipment targeted for specific customer needs.

Fjallraven's various product families on a mountainside showing best areas of use
Three people sumitting a mountain with ski gear



Engineered for life above the treeline, Bergtagen products are optimised to offer the highest levels of performance and reliability in tough conditions.
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Women in ski hiking gear

Named after Sweden’s highest mountain, products in this range are developed for challenging treks in varying terrain.

Two men with fishing poles near a stream

The lightweight Abisko collection is geared towards day hikes and cabin-to-cabin trekking.

Woman looking into distance with Nordic Heater Hat on

The traditional aesthetics of Singi are combined with durable, sturdy materials well suited to Scandinavian treks.


Man walking on a cold beach with a blue jacket on
High Coast

From a part of Sweden that combines forest, coastal and urban environments the High Coast collection is versatile yet functional.

Man and woman walking in nature

With classic Fjällräven styling and materials, Övik products are perfect for everyday use.

Man standing on hillside overlooking small colorful Scandinavian town

G-1000 toughness and iconic looks from our ‘first family’ mean you’re ready for all kinds of adventures at home and away.