Conscious Hunting

Hunting equipment made on nature’s terms

Leather fjallraven patch
Adaptable, durable, functional
Conscious hunting, as all hunting should be, is a genuine game conserving activity that requires unconditional respect for nature, the animals and the ecosystem they create together. This year's hunting collection has been developed with versatility and individual adaptation in mind. Therefore, it builds on the multilayer principle.

Base Layer

Keeping you warm on cold endeavours

Wool gives optimal comfort, wicks moisture away and regulates warmth even when wet.

Middle layer

Adaptable and regulating

Fleece and wool bind a lot of air and continue to wick away moisture. Use fleece and woollen sweaters, preferably with zippers and buttons so you can regulate them yourself.

Outer Layer

G-1000, hydratic and Eco-Shell

Our own durable outdoor fabric G-1000 makes the perfect outer layer. Hydratic and Eco-Shell as well – for when it is extra wet and windy.

Insulation Layer

Down and synthetics

When it is extra cold, you need extra insulation. Down is the warmest but in wet and damp weather, synthetic padding is preferable.
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