Layering The Swedish Way

Master The Layering Technique

Mastering your own climate control shouldn't require extensive time or effort. It all comes down to layering. The layering technique is simple.

You have three layers to work with:
  1. Base
  2. Middle
  3. Shell

The trick to feeling comfortable at all times on a trek, is to actively add or take away as your pulse and body temperature rises and falls, or as the weather conditions change. Each of these layers has a job to do, and because you’re tight on space on a long-distance trek, each layer needs to be multi-functional. So here are our recommendations.
Suggested Base Layers

Mid Layers

This is to absorb moisture from the base layer and also to provide insulation. It’s often the easiest one to take on and off. Again go for wool or synthetic materials.

Suggested Mid Layers

Shell Layer

This is for protection against the wind, rain and snow; so look for waterproof and/or windproof garments. Preferably they should be breathable/ventilated too. Vents and a hood are great ways to fine-tune your temperature. We recommend a shell garment in a material such as Eco-Shell. 

Need help finding the perfect shell? Check out our Shell Guide here.

Suggested Shells