Keb Trousers M

Award-winning, trekking trousers in stretch fabric and G-1000. Now updated for even better...


Abisko Trail Stretch Trousers M

Lightweight, durable trousers in stretch fabric for comfort and freedom of movement. Produ...


Vidda Pro Lite Trousers M

Light and comfortable trekking trousers, optimised for warm-weather conditions. Produced w...


Vidda Pro Trousers M

Durable G-1000 trekking trousers for all kinds of adventures in the mountains and forest. ...


Abisko Hike Trousers M

Light, comfortable and packable trousers for hiking and travelling in warm climates. Produ...


Vidda Pro Ventilated Trs M

Durable, technical trekking trousers with excellent ventilation options. Produced without ...


Greenland Trail Trousers M

Versatile, hardwearing trousers in G-1000 perfect for both outdoor and urban environments....


Keb Agile Winter Trousers M

Soft-shell winter trousers perfect for cold-weather excursions where you need excellent fr...


Barents Pro Trousers M

Durable G-1000 trekking trousers for all kinds of adventures in the mountains and forest. ...


Singi X-Trousers M

Hardwearing and comfortable G-1000 trekking trousers. Produced without PFAS.


Abisko Lite Trekking Trousers M Reg

Lightweight, cool outdoor trousers in stretch fabric and G-1000 Lite for trekking in warm ...


Keb Agile Trousers M

Lightweight, durable stretch trousers for technical trekking. Produced without PFAS.


Sörmland Tapered Trousers M Long

Comfortable hunting trousers in hardwearing, quiet G-1000 Silent with tapered legs. Knife ...


Greenland Jeans M Long

Durable, functional jeans in G-1000. Comfortable in both everyday and outdoor life. Produc...


Keb Eco-Shell Trousers M

Technical three-layer shell trousers in Eco-Shell. A comfortable, performance fit, long wa...


Bergtagen Stretch Trousers M

Durable stretch trousers for alpine activities where you want maximum freedom of movement....


Abisko Midsummer Trousers M Reg

Light, well-ventilated and packable men’s trekking trousers. Perfect for warm climates. Pr...


High Coast Hydratic Trail Trousers M

Waterproof, breathable 2.5-layer Hydratic shell trousers with mechanical stretch and relax...