Early fall sunset in Maroon Bells valley.

Meet our Fjällräven Guide: Chad Otterstrom

Fjällräven's Guide program partners with people in our community who embody the values of our brand – have a passion for nature, deep regard for sustainability, and respect for humans, animals, and our environment.
Each one of our guides holds different backgrounds and experiences and cherish sharing knowledge and passions with others through events, education, and exchange of stories.
"Inspiring the world to walk with nature” is more than our mission- it’s an invitation to get closer to nature by joining our guides in our brand centers and communities as they teach us how to connect with nature in our own unique way.
In his own words, please meet our Fjällräven Denver Guide, Chad Otterstrom.
Black and white windblown snowy mountain peak.

Growing up near the lakes and forests of Minnesota I discovered the beauty of nature in the early years of my life. As a snowboarder in my youth, I spent all my unstructured time experiencing the elements of the outdoors hiking up and down the local hills of my midwestern community.

It wasn’t until I moved to the mountains of Colorado to pursue a passionate career in snowboarding and photography that I discovered my personal meaning of nature, that the true essence of nature was everything around me, everything that was real: the mountains, the rivers, the plants, the wildlife, the people. Realizing this gave me clarity and made me feel alive, it was a release from the everyday clutter of life, and I was able to focus on what was important to me. What mattered most to me was hiking around the mountains with my camera, my pack, and my snowboard on my back.

Glassy stream with waterfall foreground, green banks, and sunset rain clouds backdrop.

Eventually, I began to center my own adventures simply by being in nature. With this perspective, I found myself near rivers and mountains watching the sun rise and the sun fall all the while I was taking pictures and snowboarding the entire time. Nature reopened not only my eyes but all my senses to the world around me and I began focusing on living a simpler sustainable life. The simple life for me is sharing my passion for being in nature and capturing this passion with photographs. Sharing my story of nature with images is what I love most to do.

As a 
Fjällräven guide, Chad displays his photo work around the city of Denver and Summit County. Through Chad's images, he tells stories of the beauty and vastness where nature reminds us to make sustainable decisions. He offers landscape photography workshops, as well as classes and how-to-manuals on what to pack on trips while shooting in the mountains of Colorado and beyond.

Man and Woman walking away from camera towards lake
During these times of uncertainty, we like to share ways for you and our community to stay connected to nature anytime and anywhere to prepare, comfort and inspire.
Nature Is Waiting