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When the Fjällräven Classic concept started in Northern Sweden, the goal was to inspire and support more people to discover and reconnect with nature while hiking and wandering in the wild outdoors. It didn’t take long before Fjällräven Classic became the perfect gateway to outdoor life especially for those who had long dreamed of trekking and camping in the wilds of northern Sweden but who weren’t yet ready to do it on their own.
In Sweden’s far north, vast areas of wilderness stretch for thousands of miles. To hike here is to wander in uncharted territory, over grand vistas framed by glacier-covered peaks and sparkling lakes. It was also here in these highlands that the first Fjällräven Classic was held in 2005. An event that brought together 152 people to trek the 110 kilometers (68 miles) from Nikkaluokta to Abisko. Ten years on from the initial event, the number of participants in the Swedish Classic had grown to over 2,000. Walkers came from all corners of the world, and over the years the occasion has developed into something much more than a safe introduction to the magic of trekking.

The Classic was the perfect opportunity for beginners to learn from the Fjällräven team for all types of trekking and camping assistance. During the opening group preparations, the experts shared tips on what to pack (and what not to pack), how to dress for changeable weather, how to avoid sore feet and generally how to prepare for an unforgettable experience. In addition to multi-day hiking preparation tips, the staff educated and offered practical help, vocal encouragement and mental support, laying the foundation for a trekking community that has since been exported to other parts of the world.
While the events are supported by members of the Fjällräven team and experts alike, these treks are nothing to scoff at. As our Global Events Manager and head of all things Classic, Carl Hård af Segerstad, states, "It is not a walk in the park and it shouldn't be. You need to come prepared both physically, mentally and with the right equipment. Because Fjällräven Classic is always on nature's terms." Needless to say, the excitement and encouragement trekkers are surrounded by is palpable. There's a true sense of community that many have never experienced in the outdoors like it before. While the treks are long and, at times, grueling, being able to share the journey with so many others eases the discomfort.
After many successful years and a growing number of participants, the Classic still draws both new and experienced trekkers where everyone walks side by side in something resembling a trekking festival. It’s a celebration where participants meet like-minded people and forge new friendships, sharing experiences, giving inspiration and hatching plans for new group or solo adventures. Today the core purpose remains the same as it was for the first Fjällräven Classic: to encourage more people to explore nature while providing inspiration, knowledge and community. 

In 2016, Fjällräven took Classic across the ocean deep in the Colorado backcountry. This first small-scale event was more of a trial run. Needless to say, the feedback was positive; the Classic concept had won over US trekkers. While abiding by the Leave No Trace guidelines, Fjällräven North America continues to educate trekkers about caring for the environment while hosting them on a challenging and rewarding journey through the mountains. Fjällräven Classic USA was the start of the whole new chapter in the Fjällräven Classic series. While, it was the first Classic to take place outside of Europe, it also brought a new dimension to Classic trekking: altitude.
This year Fjällräven set out with a great ambition to further expand the Fjällräven Classic to more countries and continents than ever before with events planned for Sweden, Denmark, US, Germany, Hong Kong, UK, China and South Korea. The brand received incredible feedback from the global trekking community and tickets were sold out quickly. Unfortunately, 2020 has proven to be a particularly complex year in many regards and it was with great sadness that Fjällräven had to cancel all Classic events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
It was at this point that a creative solution was needed to enable people to still enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Fjällräven Classics. For this reason, Fjällräven created an immersive, digital series of online trekking events to bring at least a semblance of the Fjällräven Classic experience to people wherever they are. 

In mid-September, Fjällräven Classic TV will be returning for another episode, this time featuring, Fjällräven Classic USA. Although Classic TV originated out of necessity, we’ve been really pleased at all of the positive feedback to the first four episodes of Classic TV – where we’ve trekked virtually together across Germany, Denmark, China and Sweden. The back country of Colorado is an adventure like no other, and we’ll be honest, if we could be there in person, we would – but in a year that has been anything but ‘normal’ it’s time to be flexible and enjoy the incredible experience from a distance. No doubt we will be back as soon as we can to trek in person together across the incredible Rocky Mountains.

Fjällräven Classic USA will be streamed live starting
Sept 18th, and stream for three continuous days of trekking featuring Kevin Rosenberg, our New York City, Soho Fjällräven Brand Center Guide. Join Kevin virtually as he treks and camps traversing Colorado’s high altitude woods, meadows and mountains. 
So get your remote, pack your backpack and get ready to tune in for a unique trekking experience brought straight to your home by the Fjällräven Classic team. In case you missed our prior Virtual Classics of Germany, Classic Denmark, Classic China and Classic Sweden check them out on our Fjällräven YouTube channel.

Fjällräven Classic Sweden 2019

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