Two lakes in front of steep mountains at sunset

Larch Madness

by Fjällräven Guide Erik McRitchie
Every autumn, high in the Canadian Rockies, people go a little bit crazy chasing beautiful autumn colors. Although most of the trees at higher elevations don’t ever change color or drop their leaves, the larches are one exception! Larch trees are members of the pine family and normally have soft green needles, but once a year for a very brief week or so these needles turn a brilliant yellow in autumn and then drop. 
As a photographer I’m always excited for Larch season! This past September I planned a trip to experience Larch madness with 7 of my friends to one of the most beautiful places on the planet, Mt. Assiniboine, BC. This backcountry provincial park is only accessible via a 30km hike or short helicopter ride. The lucky few who make this trek each fall are greeted with some of the most incredible views on the planet. There are stunning mountain lakes, gorgeous jagged peaks, and an endless supply of hikes for adventurers of any skill level. We spent our time together exploring, taking photos, and simply sitting and enjoying the views. 
The weather in the mountains can be finicky at best with cold temperatures of -10c in the morning and sunny afternoons getting up to +15c. Because of this it’s essential to pack versatile equipment that can handle just about anything. I personally fell in love with my Greenland Pile Fleece and Greenland Down Liner Jacket on this adventure. They are perfect layering pieces for cool mornings and are lightweight and packable when trekking! I can’t imagine a better pair of pants than my Keb Touring Trousers, with ample pockets and vents, and just enough stretch to move without restriction. We covered a lot of ground on this trip and these pieces met every challenge with ease.
Although the views were stunning and the photo opportunities endless, it was the friends I shared this experience with that make it the most memorable to me! I’m thankful for this experience now more than ever, and I’m so excited that my Fjällräven Gear was with me to maximize the whole adventure every step of the way!  
Lake in front of snow-covered mountains


Erik McRitchie is a photographer based in Calgary, Alberta with a passion for capturing beauty in its many forms. Growing up with the Rocky Mountains framing every sunset, it’s not surprising that a day in the mountains chasing the light is one of his favorite things to do. Photographing landscapes, however, is only one of his specialties. Erik counts it a privilege to tell compelling stories for brands through crisp and dynamic imagery. Aside from being a photographer of families, weddings, and nature, he’s a husband and father of two.

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