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Meet Åke

It all started with a young nature lover named Åke
As with most brilliant ideas, Fjällräven began on a very personal level with a young nature enthusiast named Åke. It was the 1950s, and from his home in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, young Åke was busy making plans
He spent every spare moment in the forest and often set off on week-long hikes into the heart of the northern wilderness. As his hunger to discover new places grew, so did his frustration with the lack of light and functional equipment.
He decided to build himself a better backpack. With a v-shaped bag to get the center of gravity as high as possible, he attached a wooden frame for stability and wandered outdoors. The new backpack was so good that experienced outdoor enthusiasts and reindeer herdsmen he met on his travels asked him to make similar frames for them.
This was the start of the Fjällräven brand. Åke drew on all his powers of creativity and tenacity to find better solutions for other types of outdoor equipment, and one innovation led to another.
Today Fjällräven’s products are worn and appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts all around the world. We a use all our creativity and tenacity to continue on the path that Åke embarked upon some 50 years ago.
Since 1960, our goal is creating durable, functional and timeless outdoor equipment that inspires people to go outdoors and discover nature.
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