Sarah Glenn overlooking glacier and water.

Meet our Fjällräven Guides: Sarah Glenn

Fjällräven's Guide program partners with people in our community who embody the values of our brand – have a passion for nature, a deep regard for sustainability, and respect for humans, animals and our environment.
Each one of our guides hold different backgrounds and experiences and cherish sharing knowledge and passions with others through events, education and exchange of stories.
"Inspiring the world to walk with nature” is more than our mission- it’s an invitation to get closer to nature by joining our guides in our brand centers and communities as they teach us how to connect with nature in our own unique way.
In her own words, please meet our Fjällräven Victoria Guide, Sarah Glenn.
Inherently, nature contributes to a deeper level of awareness to ourselves and to others; it’s an enriching place to learn, a place to teach, to share and also to create our own personal experiences. Providing all people the opportunity to get out into the elements for a richer understanding of our role on this planet brings purpose to my life.

Nature and the outdoors comes with a certain ease where there are no distractions and its natural circumstances yield a certain healing. Whatever barrier or difficulty we might face, nature has the ability to erase it.

Barriers that we live with could mean a host of different things. For some people, it could be physical or cognitive or financial. One could experience terminal illness, a mental health diagnosis, or debilitating trauma. Specific barriers that challenge our access to nature could be lack of specialized equipment to assist someone with a physical disability; it could be lack of experience and appropriate gear to stay warm and dry; or a lack of transportation and access.

By removing some of these barriers, such as providing access to certain locations or activities and the gear to take care of people's basic needs, individuals can simply be present with nature creating a sense of appreciation and resiliency from overcoming challenges .
When I think about removing barriers, I think about connection and collaboration. For almost 15 years, I have supported people living with various challenges, disabilities and barriers to access the outdoors through nature based activities and multi day expeditions. Whether that be a backpacking trip to Cape Scott, a kayaking expedition through Clayoquot Sound or a silent walk in the forest, people experience a greater sense of belonging which in turn creates a healthier community.

Every person has something special to offer and when you can connect the right people with the right experience, the outcome is far more plentiful for all parties involved.
My passion for being outside has given me unique opportunities such as guiding paddleboard expeditions in the Great Bear Rainforest as well as in the Arctic. Just recently, I started working on a farm. My new role there is to assist with the site and event operations as well as work on special projects. I’m also learning beekeeping, farming, cooking with fire and the harvesting of apples .

Being on the farm gives me the opportunity to connect with the healing aspects of nature in a whole different way. Here, I can contribute my hard work directly with my hands in the earth and in return the earth provides me with direct nourishment. Experiencing this new collaborative role on the farm allows for an understanding of the relationship it takes to plant seeds, nurture and to be nourished all the while I continue my ever-enriching and servicing walk with nature.
As a Fjällräven guide, Sarah’s role is to provide supportive resources to get all people to experience the wild. She offers a series of local hikes; paddle boarding, virtual events and unique catered and customized opportunities to get all bodies, especially those with disabilities or barriers involved with community driven initiatives and to re-connect with the ease and healing power of nature.

You can learn more about Sarah via Instagram at @sarjglenn

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During these times of uncertainty, we like to share ways for you and our community to stay connected to nature anytime and anywhere to prepare, comfort and inspire.
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