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Exploring the Summits and Peaks of Your Mind

by Ian Finch
Like many, I seek wild places for nature induced connection and creativity, to test myself and to release the pressure on the modern mind. Nature has always been a place to get away from the rhythm and rush of contemporary life and the never-ending stream of external stimulation constantly pulling at the strings to our senses. I believe it’s the wilderness herself and time spent outdoors that heals, restores and teaches us well beyond the physical landscape of the body. I would go as far as saying nature is a sanctuary, and that’s the boundaries of the four walls have never felt so small.
Yet how can we cultivate that yearning for the wild places from the frontiers of our own home and what can we do to stay positive and proactive?
• Conceptualise – Dream big, unfold maps, journal & write. Research regions and landscapes, routes, ranges and rivers.
• Read, Listen & Learn – About the machinery of nature, the living world and how it works.
• Plan – Where would I like to go, with who, how and most importantly, why.
• Story – What story would I like to tell a human, geographic, environmental or global story?

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I’ve found that working on those steps will create a spark, like the clash of flint on steel. A spark that will, in time, ignite an ember, that leads to a further and precious appreciation for time spent outdoors. The reality is that for the time being we are somewhat confined by the structural borders of our homes, but not the vast fabric of our imaginations. Not for one second does that mean we can’t dream, plan and imagine. In time, things will return to normal, our feet and smiles will find themselves on the back-country trails once again and we’ll have a new appreciation and perspective of the wild places that we will come to know and love. For now, it’s all a lesson in patience.

Keep exploring people, even just for now, into the summits and peaks of your imagination.

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Former Royal Marine Commando Ian Finch, is an adventure and outdoor brand photographer, expedition guide and journalist whose been traveling to remote environments for over 10 years. Ian’s desire to record, capture or lead expeditions in unfamiliar corners of the globe is driven by an urge to learn about traditions from the native cultures that call it home. His raw passion for life is driven by creative discovery and capturing authentic bookmarks in time from expeditions, landscapes and people. He combines his love for photography, writing and filmmaking with wild landscapes and the great outdoors. When not overseas, Ian lives in London, UK

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During these times of uncertainty, we like to share ways for you and our community to stay connected to nature anytime and anywhere to prepare, comfort and inspire.
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