Together, The Explorers Club and Fjällräven share a common goal of understanding the world we live in by supporting and promoting a sustainable future through the love of nature, adventurous exploration and scientific research.

Since 2017, we have worked together to inspire and further education in field science, conservation, and the future of exploring. Our common vision has led to the collaboration of The Explorers Club - Fjällräven Speaker Series. This unique series highlights the work and experiences of explorers and the Fjällräven community with aims to educate and inspire audiences around the world.

In an effort to continue to encourage and connect with our communities during these unprecedented times, we are excited to announce the newly evolved virtual event: our “Walk with Nature” Speaker Series.

Join Fjällräven and The Explorers Club twice a month for a thought-provoking and exciting new episode featuring Explorers Club Members and Fjällräven Guides from around the world as they share their work and stories from the field.

Additionally, the partnership has given rise to the creation of The Explorers Club - Fjällräven Field Grant which supports continued exploration and research that helps us better understand nature, our environment, a changing climate, and how it is intertwined with wildlife, communities and culture around the planet.

Our goal is to push the boundaries of curiosity, explore the wild around us, and inspire new and seasoned explorers to discover Nature in a new and unique way.

The sense of togetherness with Nature has never been more crucial. Come walk together with us; Nature is waiting for everyone.

About The Explorers Club:
Founded in New York City in 1904, with an interconnected community of Chapters around the world, The Explorers Club supports scientific expeditions of all disciplines while uniting members with a bond of alliance and fellowship.

The Explorers Club’s members have been responsible for a remarkable and well known series of famous firsts:
  • First to the North Pole
  • First to the South Pole
  • First to the summit of Mount Everest
  • First to the deepest point in the ocean
  • First to the surface of the moon

The Members are storytellers and change makers. They are driven by nature's instinct to explore, forge new frontiers, and push boundaries for the scientific advancement of human knowledge. Today, the Club’s founding mission – “to promote exploration by all means possible” – remains the driving force.

To learn more about The Explorers Club follow them on Instagram @the_explorers_club

For more information on the Fjällräven Field Grant please visit https://explorers.org/about/fjallraven-field-grant

To check out the next Explorers Club - Fjällräven Speaker Series on November 11 featuring Fjallraven Freeport Guide Amanda Haddock and Explorer Callie Veelenturf visit the event calendar located on The Explorers Club event page

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During these times of uncertainty, we like to share ways for you and our community to stay connected to nature anytime and anywhere to prepare, comfort and inspire.
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