Alaskan Brown Bear

Wild in Nature with Chris Morgan

My heart was pounding as I inched a bit closer to the grizzly bear. Then without warning he reared up and exploded in my direction. This was Dawson. A bear we were capturing to collar and track so that he could help our conservation project in the Canadian Rockies.
That was 30 years ago. Since then I’ve spent my life and work among grizzly and polar bears, and in forests that wolves and mountain lions call home. These animals have shaped my life as a wildlife conservationist….they are my portal into wild nature. Because I am a self-proclaimed nature addict. I love nature. No. It’s more than that. I’m actually IN love with nature. Since I was a three year old kid playing with ants in my granny’s yard in England this curiosity has never left me. And I really believe it resides in all of us.

Sometimes waiting to be unearthed.
Chris Morgan

You know when you walk through a forest or along a sandy beach? It makes you happier and more positive. You can feel it. It’s literally medicine. It’s primal. And nature is our life support system too.
But a brush with nature doesn’t have to be a face-off with a grizzly. The wild can just as easily be found in the crack of a sidewalk or on the bark of a tree. I’ve worked all over the world as an ecologist and conservationist for over twenty -five years, with a main focus on big carnivores like bears, wolves, and mountain lions….and our relationship with them as humans. But these animals are just one doorway into the wild, into fascinating ecosystems, and some of the most amazing places and species on earth….they bring us to stories that are almost unimaginable.
THE WILD podcast transports listeners to the excitement and wonder of the natural world, and reconnects them with the place we are all from, nature. Along the way we make people think, ponder, relax, learn, laugh, and even shed a tear.

So sit with nature...especially in these difficult times. Whether you’re deep in the mountains, or watching an ant scale a tree, it's time to fall in love with nature... all over again.

Chris Morgan is a British-American ecologist, conservationist, filmmaker and podcaster. His stories from 6 continents have reached hundreds of millions of people worldwide as part of his mission to connect listeners to nature and to help conserve our beautiful planet.
You can sit back and disappear into nature with Chris wherever you get your podcasts. They’re fun, enlightening, immersive, and a complete escape. Just search for ‘THE WILD with Chris Morgan’.
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Photography by Brenda Phillips IG: @brendaphillipsphotos , Chris Morgan, and Joe Pontecorvo
Man and Woman walking away from camera towards lake
During these times of uncertainty, we like to share ways for you and our community to stay connected to nature anytime and anywhere to prepare, comfort and inspire.
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