New Adventures for Leftover Fabrics

A unique collection that puts leftover fabrics to good use
"Samlaren" means "Gatherer" in Swedish and is the name we've given our limited collection of clothes and equipment created with leftover fabrics from our mills and factories. A collection with new color combinations, classic designs and the same high levels of functionality and reliability you've come to expect from all Fjällräven products.


All products bearing the Samlaren badge are created using leftover fabrics from Fjällräven’s mills and factories, carefully combined, in numbered limited editions with unique designs and playful color combinations. 

The first Samlaren product drop is a curated collection of re-invented classics made out of surplus G-1000 fabric, including the classic Greenland Jacket in color block patchwork, the iconic Kånken backpack and updated versions of the tote bag and cap.

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Limited Edition

Each Jacket is Hand Numbered, and Produced in a Limited Capacity


In 1964, our founder, Åke Nordin, stowed away a roll of fabric that didn’t make the cut during the development of his groundbreaking Thermo Tent. A few years later, the very same roll of fabric was used to make the first legendary Greenland Jacket. Not letting resources go to waste has been our way of working ever since.

Long Life Less Waste

At Fjällräven, our products are durable, timeless, and sustainably made. By being thoughtful in creating each piece, we increase the lifespan while decreasing our environmental impact. Each Fjällräven product includes our tailor and repair services, ensuring longevity and the perfect fit. When something is well-loved, it will provide a lifetime of use.