Exploring future standards

Welcome to the Fjällräven Verkstad. Swedish for “workshop”, it’s where the leading-edge and hands-on part of our R&D team explore and test new ideas, materials and solutions. Focused on combining development and exploration with functionality and sustainability, they look for ways to make our products more durable, longer lasting, easier to repair and less impactful on nature.

The ideas considered most useful to you are then incorporated into the relevant Fjällräven product families and an “X” extension is added to their names.

Starting with Singi X

This season, there are a number of new and exciting X products incorporated into our classic Singi trekking family. Produced without PFCs, the new Singi X products, materials and features have the capacity to set new and game-changing standards for all Fjällräven products in the future.

Singi X-Anorak

Exploring supreme protection for a lifetime of use in harsh winter conditions. Oversized for comfort and ventilation of body moisture. Newly developed fabric in 100% cotton, tightly woven and calendered with pressure and heat for wind and weather resistance.
Double seams with thin edgetape stitched down. Thread used is Coats dual duty, the same as in our tents — an overspun thread with polyester core, for strength, and cotton shield for water resistance since cotton swells when wet.


Singi X-Trousers

Exploring agility and lightness using G-1000. Made from G-1000 Stretch with extra stretch panels for freedom of movement and comfort at the sides and back yoke in women’s version and at the yoke and hip area in men’s. Regular fit with seat and thigh areas roomy enough for base layers and tapered lower legs for reduced bulk and less risk of wear and tear. The future classic G-1000 trousers.

Singi X-Balaclava

Exploring optimal functionality with minimal production waste. Made in traceable merino wool (comfortable and insulating even when damp) and knitted to shape in one single piece with only one seam in the back, as opposed to sewing different flat-knitted panels together creating more seams that could break and/or chafe.

Singi X-Cap

Exploring ideal fit and multi-weather protection. Protection from sun, snow and wind in a lightweight, packable format. Adjustable, replaceable cord goes all around the head. The brim is soft and flexible, with a shapable wire in the front. No hard objects at the forehead, so it works great together with a head lamp.

“x” for exploration

The story goes, that on a cold winter night in 1957, Fjällräven founder, Åke Nordin, was looking at a fast-moving shiny dot in the sky over his hometown Örnsköldsvik. Åke was not only a true mountain explorer but also a passionate explorer of new ideas. The Sputnik Satellite he had spotted, made of aluminium, inspired him to try the light but strong material in the supporting frame of his new backpack design. The success of this final improvement became the starting point of the outdoor equipment company Fjällräven.