Meet CEO Martin Axelhed


From selling our gear in a Stockholm store, to years as a traveling salesman in Northern Sweden, his friendship with our founder, Åke Nordin, and his eventual shift into leadership, Martin has experienced just about every aspect of Fjällräven over the last 20 years. He knows the value of committing to quality, whether that's a job that will last a lifetime or a backpack designed to be passed down through generations. Longevity is the foundation of Martin's approach, with respect and care for the products, the consumers, and the environment that makes it all possible.

Can We Make A Deal?

Martin recently wrote a letter to all Fjällräven customers with this offer: if we promise to continue to work hard, making long lasting products with as little environmental impact as possible, will you promise to let those products work hard too? To use them for many years and not replace them with new products one or two seasons later?

Patch It Up

We want to help celebrate the spirit of making things last with an exclusive repair patch, available as a gift with purchase while supplies last. Keeping your gear longer means repairing the inevitable knicks and scrapes that are part of the journey. Use it to reinforce a hole, or just as a badge of honor for getting the most out of what you have.

In-Store Repair Services

Repairing your products means less consumption while decreasing your environmental impact. We know that when something is well-loved, you don’t want to let go of it. To that end, wwill assess items for repair for the lifetime of each Fjällräven product. Our in-store repair services can help ensure that you can continue using your favorite Fjällräven products for as long as possible. 
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